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Working With Global Teams 🌍

Do you have some challenges working with global teams?

Different cultures can make it hard to understand each other.

It's not just about words.

It‘s about getting along, sharing ideas.

Good teamwork won‘t happen if you miss this.

Here are some steps to make it better:

👌🏻Keep it Simple: Use easy words and clear ideas. Make sure everyone gets it.

🎯 Purpose: Does everyone understand why you are in that call and what are you all working towards together? Sum it up at the beginning.

📢 Call Out Possible Differences: Things may work differently elsewhere. „I usually set up a follow-up in 2 weeks time, does that work for you?“ is a sign of respect and inclusion.

💻 Use Tech Smartly: Put on your camera in video calls and ask others to do so too. Pay attention to gestures and feelings, not just words.

☕️ Get To Know Them: Take time for some genuine questions and stories before you talk business, even in a virtual setting. You‘ll thank for this investment on building trust.

Try these tips, and you'll see how your team from around the world can work better together. Thoughts to share? 💬

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