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The Greatest Danger of AI is ...

Updated: Feb 24

"By far, the greatest danger of AI is that people conclude too early that they understand it"

(quote is not mine)

I had a journey in the past 6 months.

Using AI regularly and experimenting with it makes it an anchor of our lives
AI is not a threat but an opportunity - read why

Here is what I understood so far:

AI in the workplace isn’t:

❌ Replacing all human jobs entirely

❌ Infallible or without any errors

❌ Goes without human inputs

❌ Ultimate decision maker

❌ A threat to creativity

But, it is:

✅ A catalyst for innovation

✅ A tool to increase productivity

✅ An augmentation of human skills

✅ A means to automate repetitive tasks

✅ Enables humans to focus on strategic roles

I learnt that AI is for non-techies too - for them (us) it's even more impactful, than for the techies. I am learning to get ready for the scale of use within 24 months.

(Haven't read the Gates Notes yet?)

I like to ask these questions to myself:

1. What do I hate doing? Because it's boring. Repetitive.

2. What do I like doing but it's difficult to start?

3. What's available to use at my work?

4. What's worth trying privately?

5. What do I need to understand better? (longest answer)

AI tools have become the anchor ⚓of my life.

(hence the photo in the background of us)

I let them sort my emails and other messages.

I run ideas with them like a sparring partner.

I let them schedule my action items.

I ask them to ideate for my content.

But I am always in control.

Human touch on top 🛂

The future of work is a blend of human touch and AI efficiency.

What's your journey so far with AI in your work or private life?

Share your thoughts or repost this ♻️ lesson for others. 🙏.

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