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When is it the right time to take a risk?

I started school in Hungary when the Soviet Union fell. The economy collapsed, as did the jobs of my parents. This period planted deep in me the belief, that learning new things is the safest way to try and adapt myself to a new world, and find opportunities where others don't.

And that's what I did. Over the past few decades, I've gone through so many new countries, companies, and exciting new roles.

Three years ago, I saw that there was a new world coming up again. AI, the metaverse, and web3 are new technologies that impacted our clients, my teams, and the way we work.

I knew needed to learn a lot to succeed in this new world, which meant going back to university.

But unlike just moving jobs or countries, this risk scared me.

Now, I had a family, demanding job, and a busy life. Was it smart to head back to university ? I'd need to study while being a working mom. How would I find the time?

Still, that girl, who knew only one way forward—to learn and adapt—wouldn't let me settle. I enrolled in an EMBA in Digital Leadership. 🤖 Nights grew longer, free weekends disappeared, and there were moments I thought I did not assess the risk well. I needed detailed planning, discipline, and good support.

But I made it through with lots of treasures in my bag. The knowledge I gained, the doors it opened, the incredible people I met—it was worth every ounce of effort.

Most importantly, I rediscovered something about myself. I'm capable of taking a big risk, especially when passion drives me. Now I know 'busy' doesn't always equal to 'growth'.

But sometimes, we have to go beyond what's easy and reach for what fulfills us. That's the kind of growth that truly matters to me.

Do you take risks for your passion?

Picture is taken on the day of my graduation with Sunnie J. Groeneveld and the wonderful Class of 2021.

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