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Want a team that shines? Step back.

We hire brilliant people for a reason. Then, sometimes, we forget to let that brilliance loose. I learnt, that if I want my team to truly thrive (who does not??), I have to find balance between guidance and trust.

Now, think back to your proudest moments. They weren't from someone doing everything for you, were they? They likely came from a challenge met, an idea that saved the day... a sense that YOUR choices made a difference.

Our teams deserve that feeling too!

I really love that rush, when things work out and I was not aware of every single detail. I was only aware of the fact, that they have that deadline, event, {any project deliverable} under control. Now THAT'S leadership success for me.

It doesn't mean throwing them in the deep end. I aim for the 1-1-1 rule:

→ 1 decision

→ 1 feedback session

→ 1 coaching moment

This way, they make progress, you offer insight as needed, and everyone learns.

Trust builds more trust. I love a team that is motivated by purpose, not just orders. They bring you solutions, not just problems (but that's also ok). And you? You're freed up to put your resources into more strategy and future-looking.

Do you have some better hacks to level up your leadership?

Great teaming and feedback session with Davide Sylwia and Alice some months ago 🎈

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