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Upskilling Should Never Stop

"I have no time for upskilling." "I can't afford a course."

"I am not looking for a job." "I don't care about AI."

"I already did a training, don't bother me now."

I have said these, I have heard these. Let's not do it.

Just 12 months back, I took a significant step:

I committed to upskilling. All I need is a laptop, a cappuccino, some great free resources from LinkedIn, Coursera, content from thought leaders. Easy exchange with people I know or will know. Go 🚀

I truly believe, that:

✅ Upskilling is not about not knowing; it's about ambition.

✅ "Too busy" is not an excuse to stop learning.

✅ Stagnation is not worth our time.

When I look back on my own professional journey, it's everything, but a straight line up. I spent great years in the energy sector. I advised clients at a Big4. Now, I lead transformation and innovation projects across different areas. I do love learning and being curious on what's next. It takes away a lot of fear and you stay fresh and current.

Growth is an S-curve.

Eventually, you’ll plateau if you haven’t invested.

So, anything stopping you?

Start small - dedicate just 15 minutes a day. Read an article, watch a tutorial. Join a discussion.

It's about making a habit of learning in your routine.

Because at the end of the day, upskilling is empowering. It opens doors we didn't even know existed and turns the unknown into opportunities.

The future belongs to the curious- To those willing to step out of their comfort zone and into growth.

One small step at a time. I'll cheer!

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