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Today I will tell you a story, that I haven't shared here before

So read carefully, please.

When I finished my studies and started a career in energy trading, I thought that was it – my path was clear. I wasn't someone who wanted to rock the boat - all I wanted was stability.

But then life happened: I changed countries, I changed firms, I changed sectors, I changed job roles. Each move felt enormous at the time - always a step away from what I thought would be my forever country, firm, sector or job role. I was just hoping, this is finally THE one - I don't need any more change in my life.

Three years ago, I took up a new role in EY, focusing on a larger region, with people of many different cultures. It was a period of constant change for the business and the team I lead.

As it turned out, it was also a moment of truth for me. For the first time, I realized change is the only “forever”, even for my own professional life. And I started liking it.

Because, in reality, change is not a detour, it is the path itself. In this journey, I have learnt so much and I always meet new people who inspire me. Most of all, I discovered how to help people see change from a fresh perspective – not as something to fear, but to embrace and drive forward.

I wish, I could tell this to the 10-15 years younger myself 😊

I am happy to have found my superpower as a change advocate, where I am lucky to help teams to transform and innovate. A superpower I am making stronger every day.

Have you ever felt stuck in your career? Tell me in the comments how you overcame that challenge!

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