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Remember that kid who always got picked last in team sports?

That was me.

I swore that when I got into the working world, I'd be flying solo. Well, let's just say life had other plans 😂

Turns out, collaboration is EVERYTHING. But it is easier said, than done. I have not always been the ideal team member. Nor the ideal team leader. Often a jumbled mess, misaligned, and going nowhere fast.

Then time passed and I learnt, that quality is more important than quantity. A small but perfectly functioning team can achieve way more, than a large and uncoordinated group. Even under big pressure.

You've got to be honest about the roadblocks, and bit by bit, uncover those precious keys to working as a true team...

When that happens, teams truly click, ordinary people achieve extraordinary results.

Team-building is tough, but now I know, it's the most rewarding investment. Turns out the kid allergic to teams just might love them most.

Here's my mini-masterclass on what I've learned:

↳ Purpose: the reason you're even there, so get that aligned.

↳ Communication: be clear, constant, and meet people where they are.

↳ Diversity: celebrate the difference, take the rewards.

↳ Psychological Safety: Safe = bold ideas, innovation, and fewer screw-ups

↳ Fun: The heart of it all. A must.

Curious: What's your team's superpower?

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