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Pre-Work. How To Effectively Integrate It Into Meetings

🌟 Pre-work is a game-changer for meetings. It's crucial to do it correctly.

🔗 Without pre-work, meetings begin with unprepared participants. They did not read your documents. Time is lost updating everyone. Pre-work would be essential, but nobody has really time to prepare. Your day is a marathon of meetings and calls. Done well, pre-work encourages teamwork, readies participants, and speeds up results.

🚀 Make pre-work part of the meeting itself. 🚀 Don’t just send it via email, hoping it gets read. Dedicate the first 5-10 minutes of your meeting for quiet pre-work review. Allow time for reading, thinking, and orienting before discussions start.

Participants reading pre-work at the beginning of a meeting.
DALL-E imagining effective pre-work

🔗 It makes you a better communicator. You know they have limited time. Design pre-work thoughtfully. Avoid lengthy documents. Instead, provide something brief, visual, and practical. Insights, targeted questions, and a clear agenda. Stimulate thinking and focus on solutions.

🔗 It makes your participants have a better input. They are well-informed, and eager to contribute. Meetings evolve into hubs of creativity, not just sessions for sharing information.

🪝 Elevate your next meeting by strategically using pre-work. Incorporate it into your schedule. Maintain its relevance. Notice the improvement in your team's collaboration.

Inspired by this HBR article.

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