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#OpenDoorInnovation - What It Is About?

Companies that push for innovation make more money and have higher value than their peers (McKinsey).

Yesterday it was a luxury → today it's a necessity.

But innovation isn't magic.

It isn't just about using fancy tech.

It isn't about hiring only data scientists.

It isn't about having a "Chief Disruption Officer."

It's about the people - brilliant & motivated minds.

It's about them coming together to solve problems.

Solutions, that may turn out to be the next big things.

That's why we created the #OpenDoorInnovation.

In this space, seasoned corporate innovators and innovation job seekers can connect for exchange.

↳ Are you a seasoned innovator looking to share your expertise?

↳ Or are you an aspiring innovator eager to learn from the best and launch your career in corporate innovation?

The #OpenDoorInnovation community is for you!

See how you can contribute 👇 and share this in your network. You may as well help someone's (your?) career. Completely free of charge.

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