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My Innovation Story

Never would have thought that one day I'll be calling myself an innovator 🤠

But that's exactly where I am.

I realized, it's not just about big inventions and patented technologies. Innovation is simply taking an idea from inception to impact (MIT). Many of us do it daily, we just don't always recognize it.

My innovation journey really took off during my EMBA studies in Digital Leadership. I loved to visit the Stockholm startup scene. I saw how entrepreneurs turned ideas into reality! This inspired me to develop my own impactful business case as a corporate innovator.

Today, I lead innovation efforts for enablement teams in EY's Europe West region. We push for ideas that drive positive change. Sometimes they boost efficiency. Other times they better address our clients' changing needs – internally and externally. What's common? Again, impact.

These days, we are all in for GenAI. I was so excited to launch our tailored prompt training courses for Business Support colleagues! And we are just planning the next sessions for the Spring Learning Weeks in April - if you are EY, watch out for the agenda!

And the youngest baby: #OpenDoorInnovation, where we transform ideas into action. We drive change by connecting corporate innovators and innovation job seekers. Why? To share experience and have a meaningful impact on our work lives.

We all do it in different ways. What's your innovation story?

Check out myy personal innovation heroes in my LinkedIn post.

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