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🤝 Making Meetings Work: Simple Tips

Ever felt like you're just talking but no one's really listening in meetings? That's common.

Meetings are a part of work life. But often, they're not effective.

🥺 Why is it so hard to communicate effectively in meetings? There are a few key reasons:

Not engaged audience during a non-effective meeting without story, purpose and with long rambling
A Non-Effective Meeting imagined by DALL-E

You Lack A Compelling Narrative

Humans are wired for stories. Don't just state facts and figures without any narrative. You need a beginning, middle, and end that draws people in.

You Don't Have A Clear Purpose

Wandering aimlessly through topics with no clear outcome is like sleeping pill. Be crystal clear on your purpose upfront so everyone knows why they are there.

You Ramble On Too Long

Attention spans today are short. A monologue for 10 minutes is not effective. Keep it concise and impactful.

⚒ So how can you fix this and start communicating more effectively in meetings?

Tell A Story

Build your presentation around a story framework. Introduce key challenges, build rising action towards a climax, and resolve it with your solution. This engages emotions and interest.

State The Purpose

At the very start, be explicit about your purpose and desired outcomes. This frames the discussion productively.

Keep It Short

Less is more. Long talks lose people. Stay brief and to the point.

Try these tips for better, more focused meetings. You'll feel heard and less frustrated.

Give it a go and share how it works for you!

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