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Leadership Lessons: What I Learnt While Hiking in Madeira

You don't need to justify your journey to anyone.

What a short week of backpacking in Madeira taught me about leadership 😎

A big round birthday was my great excuse to do a short but intense hiking trip to this paradise island.

My long-time friend joined me. We shared lots of good talks and good portions of silence while hiking uphill from before dawn till dusk.

We may not see the world exactly the same way, but we do share a passion for growth & understanding 🌱.

Here are some lessons I learned from our adventures:

🥾 Our experiences shape us into the leaders we are.

Both personal and professional ones. It's foolish to

believe, that you can be someone else at work,

than who you are in private. It's all connected

and that's exactly you, being authentic.

🥾 Resilience is a precious tool in the backpack.

Exhausted, but you push through, physical or

mental challenges. It works, as long as feel

fulfilled and happy with where you are.

🥾 Oh, the simple things. The view on the blue and

orange ocean at sunrise - finally taking off your

headlamp. Enjoying a warm lunch from your

camping cooker. Get away from the digital

and artificially intelligent 🌎. Cherishing

the raw beauty of being in the nature.

🥾 What works for one, may not for another, and

that's perfectly okay. Our paths to success can

differ. But when we team up, we are Nr. 1., we

are unbeatable, just as we were on the steep

trails of those wild and rugged mountains.

🥾 The value of individuality in a team is priceless.

You fully trust me navigating and I fully trust you

making our meal. In a team it's so much safer,

more fun and we are quicker on the summit.

(And bless you again, for I don't have to cook 🎉)

At this big milestone in my life, I am more committed than ever to my passion for leading with empathy, encouraging diversity, and celebrating every unique journey towards our common goals.

Frankly, I think I survived and thrived at work because of the lessons learned and reconfirmed on those Madeiran trails. 🇵🇹 ⛰️ 🎒👯🏝️

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