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Indra Nooyi's My Life in Full: A Quick Book Review 📚

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

If you think like this, then "My Life in Full" by Indra Nooyi is for you:

Indra Nooyi's statement on why diverse teams make better decisions

„All I ever wanted to see, was the results of my work."

„Leaders need to understand the details of what they are approving before fixing signature."

„I wanted to show I can handle any challenge."

„I was so happy when I got promoted to Director in Motorola. It meant also getting an indoor parking spot at Motorola made me so happy. No more scraping ice off my car." 🤭

„Paid leave for a period of caretaking can be a game changer for so many careers. An incredibly dedicated employee will return.“

The book a story about starting low, working hard, staying #curious and reaching the top. Work, family and future views, altogether.

Her humble, sincere and still confident tone is fascinating. I couldn’t stop listening to the audiobook during the past few 🐕 walks. 🙏🏻

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