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How to Shift to an Asynchronous Work Culture for Better Team Collaboration?

"Instead of back-to-back meetings, people got back-to-back Zoom calls. "

Asynchronous work: a great way to do tasks in a team.

Discover the shift to asynchronous work & its impact on team dynamics. Learn key strategies for effective remote collaboration and change management.
Midjourney's preception of asynchronous work

It happens when a team isn't in the same room or call.

They work on a task in different time slots and place.

And leave comments for each other in a shared file.

Collaborating in slack, teams or similar channels.

Everyone updating task status in the overview.

So they can work flexible and schedule jobs.

But it requires some change management.

✔️ Often, companies focus on deploying tools.

❌ But don't make proper change management.

So people don't know how to use shared files.

Add comments, tag people, reply to them.

Work in slack, teams or similar channels.

And set up calls to discuss the task instead. 🙄

Maybe someone suggests, next time do xxx.

But chances are, soon another call is set up.

Culture change is needed. 🌟

Great read on Harvard Business Review 👇

Repost this ♻️ lesson for others. 🙏

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