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How AI Can Revolutionize Your Workday: Saving You Time and Improving Efficiency

AI saves you tremendous time at the workplace.

I will share some tips how.

In case you are wondering, I am no prompt engineer.

Neither building large language models day in, day out.

However, I have spent my work life adapting to change.

Shaping my roles to new demands and improving.

You can make a difference. Do not wait for others.

You are never too senior. You are never too junior.

Old Way:

1. Endless emails sorting.

2. Time-consuming scheduling.

3. Tiresome manual data processing.

4. No time/resource for troubleshooting.

New Way:

1. Automate email sorting and create to-dos.

➡️ Crazy functions in M365.

2. Schedule appointments efficiently with AI tools.

➡️ Some even take structured notes.

3. Use AI for data formatting and analysis.

➡️ ChatGPT can do this if you ask well!

4. Get an AI chatbot to navigate simple questions.

➡️ So you can focus on the complex cases.

AI > Manual Way

Parts of my learnings and journey in the past 6 months.

AI is today. Not tomorrow. Not picking techies only.

AI is coming to all of us. And it's here to stay.

B. G. predicted recently that high-income countries are 18–24 months away from significant levels of AI use by the general population. (Gates Notes, 19th Dec 2023)

AI tools are transforming our work, saving time, and enhancing productivity, allowing us to prioritize important tasks.

Do you use AI tools at work? 💭

📸 bonus tip: headshots created by AI do NOT replace amazing photographers' job. It does stop aging a bit 🤩 LINK to create your own (min 25 photos of you are needed)

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