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Haikus: How I Became A Japanese Artist

How to learn about GenAI and still be a poet?

If you tell me a year ago, that I can write haikus...

Haikus are Japanese poetry masterpieces, capturing a brief moment with the sense of enlightenment. Just what I had during a short but intense workshop on AI at the IMD campus with the super engaging Prof. Amit Joshi .

GenAI's future sang in haikus
Haikus are Japanese masterpieces. Or Gemini ones.

Naturally, my new assistant, Gemini gave me a hand here. Aileen Dalisay special thanks to you guys!! So pleased with them!

Here are the top 5 ones (↳ to guide you, if you are less of a poet, just like the real me)


Human touch refines,

AI soars on borrowed wings,

Not a master, friend.

↳ Human feedback improves ChatGPT. But it will not surpass humans.


Code reflects our flaws,

Biased echoes in the mind,

We mend what we've made.

↳ Your bias = AI's bias.


Transformers bridge the gap,

Meaning blossoms forth.

↳ Thank ChatGPT to Transformers:

the first model to understand how

a word is connected to other words.


Feedback's gentle hand,

Guides the voice of AI,

Together, we build.

↳ Our last chance to improve ChatGPT:

reinforcement learning from human feedback.

So don't miss to 👍and 👎!


High value, low spark,

May face new paradigms.

↳ Got one of those high value & low creativity jobs,

like summarizing and benchmarking? Chances are

that AI replaces you.

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