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Exceptional Service Delivery Through Effective Collaboration

Teamwork makes the difference. A LOT.

(Here's a mini-masterclass on world-class teaming 🤭)

How teams work together is how they deliver results.

A well-aligned team = exceptional service delivery

An innovative team = continuous improvement

A mix of both worlds = delivering exceptional service while continuously improving 💛

That being said...

Let's dive into 5 areas of effective teaming:

Cross border teaming and effective collaboration are a must
Amazing teaming in Wroclaw, Poland


↳ Sitting in the same office or 1000 km apart? You connect on purpose - why are you showing up every day? How can all of you contribute to a common goal?


↳ This is your lifeline when the going gets tough. Listen, explain, repeat. Keep it clear and concise - and meet the people where they are.


↳ Embrace differences among team members! Bias out, rich perspectives in. This will lead to better decisions, and ultimately to better results.

Psychological safety

↳ Research shows that teams with psychological safety are 12% more productive and have 40% less incidents. Growth and innovation are the natural consequences of a safe place.

Fun (should be 1.)

↳ Have fun. Every day. Nothing to add.

I just confirmed these facts by a visit to our colleagues in Wroclaw, Poland.


Making your team work needs investment.

It takes time and effort, especially across borders.

But you can guess...the results are heart-warming 💛

↳ Results are the function of how your team operates.

Thanks for attending my teaming masterclass. 🤭

P.S. How does your team work?

Link to original post including insights from the participants in the comments section.

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