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Effective Stakeholder Management: Key to Achieving Operational Excellence

The number 1️⃣ mistake teams make, when optimizing a process, is doing slides. Lots of them. Which nobody reads eventually.


DALL-E imagining operational excellence supported by effective stakeholder management



Operational excellence isn't just about efficient processes. It's much more. What is the key?

It's effective stakeholder management. To put this simple: involve everyone that is impacted across all teams. You miss this, and even the greatest processes will fail. Your slides too 📉. How to avoid it?

Instead of:

❌ Meticulous planning of the process flow.

❌ Focusing on who did what vs. should do what.

❌ Plan - review - sign-off - all alone, no alignment.

Do this:

✅ Small process steps verified by diverse feedback.

✅ Focusing on who is impacted how they feel.

✅ Early involvement and check-in with them.

Your mantra to remember: regular communication. Understand everyone's needs. Be always ready to compromise. Manage expectations and relationships well. Celebrate successes. Combine operational discipline with a good human touch of listening👭.

Stop doing slides and start talking to team members that are impacted. Listen well, adjust your thinking frequently. Your processes will get better.

Most importantly: watch your team's happiness / business skyrocket. 🚀

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