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Do you struggle to stay ahead of the curve?

My personal journey with Generative AI started a bit more than a year ago - shortly after ChatGPT has become available at no cost / low cost to the public. The buzz was everywhere. As a leader of innovation efforts at EY, I am one of those, who did not want to fall behind.

In a recent event at the Boardroom in Zürich, we chatted exactly about this with Michèle F. Sutter-Rüdisser. It's a steep learning curve for everyone. Generative AI is changing the rules of the game faster than most of us can keep up. It's a balancing act – mastering the technology while making decisions that will shape our companies' futures.

It's a race against time. I can very much feel it every day—how rapidly the technology is evolving, and how big differences we have in how we go about Generative AI, even in leadership teams. The pressure is on, and the stakes are high.

Michèle had an important point, stating that at the challenge isn't just about understanding the technology; it's about using its power responsibly. It's about ethical considerations, governance, and ensuring AI is used for good. It's a complex landscape, but one that leaders must navigate.

How can we do this right now? Guess what: there is no magic wand. The solution is in our shared commitment to learning and adaptation. Rolling up our sleeves, going for different types of education in AI , and fostering a culture of continuous improvement within our teams.

I couldn't agree more, that in the face of rapid technological advancement, it's the human element that really makes the difference. Our superpower lies in fostering curiosity, embracing change, and empowering our teams to find their way in the complexities of the AI landscape.

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