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Can ChatGPT Improve Bad Communication Skills?

Updated: Jan 14

Boring Bob’s emails are just too long to read.

Bob needs to try ChatGPT!


Midjourney imagining a boring meeting with people falling asleep
Bad will be bad? Is GenAI a chance to improve communication skills?

Do you have colleagues who are top communicators?

They engage the audience with clarity and passion.

No questions left, everyone up to speed & action.

Others struggle to raise interest and you're bored.

You sit in their meetings and the message gets lost.

Not a single decision taken. No clue what comes next.

Will ChatGPT make the magic for them? 🧐

Bob finally cuts it short and makes a point?

Great communicators have certain skills.

➡️ Focus. They avoid distractions and useless details. Doing it simple works best.

➡️ Structure. No hallucination, no endless monologues.

So you can follow and remember.

➡️ Adapt. They meet the people where they are.

Suiting expertise, level of knowledge and so on.

Just what you need for a good prompt. Instructions that are

➡️ specific

➡️ clear

➡️ are in context

📌 GenAI can refine messages, but the core skills must be present.

So, dear Bob.

Focus on articulating your main message with clarity.

Know your audience well and practice empathy.

Your message will land and received.

You'll be a better communicator.

With and without ChatGPT.

Any tips you want to share? 💭

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