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Artificial Intelligence vs. Concentration and Productivity

Struggling to focus? You're not alone. Me too. New Year thoughts - what will 2024 change? My view: 👇

The vast amount of data and speed of AI has a tremendous impact on our concentration and ability to focus
Midjourney imagining the professional struggling to focus

I have spent 17+ years in Swiss and international markets, leading teams across the 🌍. I worked in roles from energy trading to consulting, from operations to transformation and innovation. Change is a good friend of mine. So is adopting new tools and ways.

But this time it feels special.

Technology is advancing at an extraordinary pace.

AI bombards us with a vast amount of data.*

I often feel I can't adapt - I am simply full.

My nervous system wasn’t done for this. **

Also, it can lead to mental health issues.

Anxiety, attention disorders, name it.

This progress cannot be reversed.

So the question to myself is:

How do I go about this?

My dos and donts:

❌ I lose efficiency when using tools without strategy.

❌ I tend to blur lines of work and private life easily.

❌ I have an urge to respond notifications quickly.

❌ I am curios and learning takes up a lot of time.

✔️ I must engage with technology with intent.

✔️ I must set boundaries for my own well-being.

✔️ I must work focused, without being interrupted.

✔️ I must learn & invest in what matters: relationships.

Not always and never. But have a health mix of these.

💭 How do you set your boundaries in the flood of AI?

* Seen Pascal BORNET's post about Rewind AI's tool collecting all our digital memories?

** Inspired by the keynote speech of Rahaf Harfoush during a large corporate learning event in Copenhagen, in November 2023.

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