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5 Tips On How Not To Waste Other People's Time in Meetings

I have wasted lots of people's time. And so have they wasted mine. But we are just humans, and we can improve.

Ever sat in a meeting thinking, "Could this have been an email?" You're not alone. Here are my best tips for you:

🔚 Start at the End: Imagine a joke without a punchline. That's a meeting without a clear purpose. Begin with what you want to achieve. The big 'ask' should be upfront.

🎯 Build a Story, Not a Maze: Every point in your meeting should be a step closer to that 'ask'. Don't make them feel like they're in a storytelling maze with no exit!

📜 Slides are Guides, Not Novels: Ever tried reading a book while someone's talking to you? That's what too many words on slides feel like. Keep slides simple; let them guide, not distract.

📹 Embrace Technology – It's 2023!: A 2-minute video can often do what 20 minutes of talking struggles to achieve. Let's get visual and efficient!

Engage, Don't Just Inform: Toss in a question, a quick poll, or a relatable anecdote. Interaction keeps brains from snoozing and boosts message retention.

Remember, in meetings, your everyone's time and brainpower are precious. Let's not waste it. A well-communicated message can be the difference between a team that's inspired and one that's checking their watches. Or between decision taken and bla-bla only.

🤔 What's the most memorable meeting you've attended and why? Highs and lows!

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