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10 Years With A Great Brand: EY

10 years with a great brand.

This week, I am celebrating my 10th work anniversary with EY.

I'm incredibly thankful for the opportunities I've been given to learn and grow over the past decade. Some were presented, some I created – that's the beauty of this place. Your experience, your career - it's yours to build.

My first years I spent in the Swiss Assurance practice, where I learnt the business and laid the foundations for everything, I do now.

Lately, I intensely collaborated with great colleagues across the globe: from Oslo to Milan and from Madrid to Delhi, EY has fostered a truly international experience for me. My network stretches across the pond to fantastic connections in the US and Australia too.

The picture below is from my first week in 2014! Back then, my 18-month-old son had to be picked up from daycare every evening - rushing straight from the office. Who remembers those pre-pandemic days?

Thankfully, EY provided a supportive environment with flexible work options. This allowed me to balance my responsibilities and thrive. It's a two-way street – I returned and continue to return that flexibility whenever needed.

At EY, the great brand truly equals great people. LinkedIn won't allow me to tag every single of them - you all know, it's you, when reading this 😉

I thank all of you for the exceptional experience I've had. And please continue giving them to everyone coming after us 💛

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